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Webster defines "Alliance” as the state of being allied; a bond or connection between parties; an association to further the common interests. From its foundation, Alliance Offshore, LLC has embodied that definition.
Our desire to be the premier liftboat company in the Gulf of Mexico is rooted in common goals that exist between us, our clients Read more.....

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11095 Highway 308
Larose, LA 70373
T | (985) 798-5700
F | (985) 798-5738
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The Alliance Offshore fleet includes lift boats in the 145', 175', and 200' Class, as well as, 130' Mini Supply, 145' Class Crewboats, and 165' - 170' Class Supply Vessels. 
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We are currently accepting applications for 100T Captain, 200T Captain, Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, Deckhand and Mates.
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