About Us
Founded in February of 2011, Alliance Offshore, LLC is a "boutique” provider of liftboats headquartered in Larose, Louisiana. We specialize in providing liftboats for shallow waters (depths 160 ft. of less) operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Our customer base includes major and independent oil & gas companies, gas transmission companies and oil & gas service companies.
Our Approach
Webster defines "Alliance” as the state of being allied; a bond or connection between parties; an association to further the common interests. From its foundation, Alliance Offshore has embodied that definition.
Our desire to be the premier liftboat company in the Gulf of Mexico is rooted in common goals that exist between us and our client: Safety for all personnel, Protection of the Environment, Compliance with all Rules and Regulations. It is our uncompromising belief in execution of these goals that we feel differentiates us.



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